PARD Engineering Solutions



  • Foundation are made with RCC pillars and Beam upto Basement belt level finished with fly ash bricks.
  • Masoney plastered on both sides.


Chamber bricks are used for 7feet lintel level and upto 10feet roof level.

Doors & Windows

  • Main Door: Teak wood frame and carving door with brass fittings
  • Other Doors: Factory made design doors with seasoned (Kongu) country wood frames
  • Windows: Seasoned country wood framed grass panel with 12mm square rods

Flooring (Marble / Granite / Vertified Tile)

For marbles 7nos of stone polish are recommended.


Necessary quality pipes and taps.


Parryware closets from basic range.


  • Main door – wood polish
  • Two wood primar and two coats enamel paint for seasonal wood frames
  • One coats primar & two coats enamel paint for all grills
  • One coat white cement for interior & exterior
  • Two coats wall putty for interior
  • One coat white cement for ceiling
  • Two coats colour emulsion for interior & exterior


  • Kitchen top Granite
  • Kitchen side wall 4 feet ceramic tiles
  • Bathroom walls upto 7 feet ceramic tiles
  • Bathroom floor non-slipery tiles
  • Wash Basins – one @ Bathroom, one @ Dining
  • Colourful Eurokon Tiles in Portico
  • Floor to wall corner Skirting
  • Weather course claytile in Open Terrace


  • Providing Necessary wires from Finolex Wiring with quality switches
  • MCB & ELCB system with correct rating wires are used
  • Provision wiring for Invertor are used


  • Wardrobe doors and Loft doors with colourfull laminated MDF Sheet
  • Modular Kitchen with necessary stainless steel baskets


To make our customer benefited, the payments are divides in the following terms,

  • Basement
  • Lintell level
  • Door Frame & Window frames and grill
  • Roof level
  • Plastering
  • Flooring & Tiles
  • Electical & Plumbing works
  • Finishing