PARD Engineering Solutions

About Us

PARD Engineering Solution is an Engineering company that has built a strong reputation for delivering quality services in time and at a competitive price.

We pride ourselves on being skilled and experienced in all aspects of Civil Contracts & Constructions: Architecture, Building Contracts, House Plans (2D layout) Layout Planning, Vastu Planning, 3D Model, 3D Visualization, Physical Models, Commercial Buildings, Residential Buildings, Fabrication, Commercial Kitchen (Designing & Equipment Supplier), Renovation, and Interior Decorations.

Besides all the things mentioned above, we have expanded our space to Video Editing/Production, 3D Video Production, White Board Animation, Website Designing (, SEO Services, and related stuff.

We undertake a variety of projects for a wide range of clients – from small developments to large projects. Our unique and flexible project management systems ensure that a positive outcome is achieved regardless of the size or nature of the projects. Through openness and fairness, we achieve this growth.

Irrespective of the client, our work is for all. We do projects for the middle and high-income groups. We complete and fulfill you with all functional units with efficient design.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence invariably results in a successfully completed project for clients. PARD Engineering Solution understands and promotes the idea of working in partnership with customers to ensure their goals are met.

Honesty, Trustworthiness, and on-time delivery are the guiding values of our business.